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Hi I'm Katie ^_^

Nov. 20th, 2010 | 10:30 pm


Katherine or Katie ^_^ Most people call me Katie, but I answer to either ^_^


21  ^_^


Murfreesboro/MTSU ^_^ 
I live on campus during the school year, and I live in Nashville the rest of the time ^_^

How did you find out about Lolita?

Um I guess mostly through conventions, internet, and friends ^_^; 

Favorite Brands/Style?

Angelic Pretty!!! :3 I can't fit into any of it, but it's soooo cute~ ^_^ 
BabyTSSB comes in a very solid second though ^_^ and then probably Innocent World ^_^
I love Deco and Sweet Loli but so far I only wear sweet ^_^;

Anything Else?

I use emoticons as if they were periods... ^_^;  I'm sorry if it bothers you, I know it bothers some people, but it's a hard habit to break TT_TT


I'm making an odd face in this picture... but it's practically the only one I have of my self in lolita ^_^;